Things everyone knew except me...

Sometimes it feels like I live in a hole. Or a vacuum.

Smoked salt...Didn't have a clue. Walked into the grocery store one day last fall and there it was and Hellooo! Damn good idea.

I Love The 70's...A television show on VH1. Maybe VH1Classic but I had never seen it until this weekend. Laughed my ass off and that's ALWAYS a good thing.

The tab on the end of the aluminum foil/saran wrap box...There is a half-moon cut-out tab on the end of your aluminum foil. You push it in and it holds the roll in place, to keep it from slipping out while you're yanking on the stuff trying to get it to cover something. No lie...been there all along. Unbeknownest to me.

Gas gauge...Okay, this one is iffy but if your car has it, it comes in handy. Or in rental cars. But SOME cars? On the gas gauge on the dash? The handle for the little gas pump is on the side your gas cap is on. Sometimes. And the last time we rented a car in New Orleans and drove south this came in REAL handy.

Ultimate drinking game...Okay, I'm really good at this one but if you don't TELL, no one has any idea that this is pretty easy. Unless you've been drinking. "Name seven major college teams whose mascot name doesn't end in S." Needless to say, The Crimson Tide comes to mind. But there are actually 30-something...The Green Wave. The Minutemen. The Orangemen. The Syracuse...come on. You know this one.

I think maybe I'll set my mind to learn five totally useless facts a week for the rest of my life. Just in case.


Melissa said…
Don't feel bad. I didn't know about the gas gauge thing, either. At least until about three months ago.
Le laquet said…
Who knew that about the half moon on the tin foil/cling film boxes - going to go and check if it's the same in the UK.
City Girl said…
Damn! You're right abou the tin foil. SHIT. I've been cooking for 24 years and never knew that!!