Well now, THIS has the potential to be interesting

A couple of years ago, for his 50th birthday, my college roommate surprised her husband with tickets to Paris. Leaving the next morning. We were all there...supposedly since a trip to Paris was totally out of the question because of their schedules, we were all getting together to wear berets and eat onion soup and chocolate. When he opened his gift, there were the tickets.
It was pretty damn awesome.
Mary turned 50 Wednesday. I'm pretty sure Husband was out of town. Offers had been made and rejected because we all know...there is NO point in time that a trip to Paris is convenient. You just have to do it. And they didn't. She has her eye on two additional diamonds the size of her original one.
That works.
So tomorrow I'm driving to Bham and the ladies are doing lunch. In Bham. We will either have too much to eat and drink and laugh REALLY loud in a high-tone restaurant, or we will spend a good two hours doing man-bashing the likes of which will singe the tablecloths. I'm voting for the food and champagne...there is actually potential there.
Having said this, The Big Boy was out of town on MY 50th birthday. (He's actually only been here for one birthday in 22 years...national trade show thing.) And I invited all my friends to meet me at the Mexican restaurant and my friend, Benji, brought a toilet seat with an embroidered palm tree on it and everyone signed it and then we took pictures using the toilet seat as a picture frame. You had to be there. It's not what I would have chosen but in hindsight...it WAS memorable. For better or worse.

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fatboyfat said…
As I live in the original Birmingham, should I look out for you all?
City Girl said…
You won't have to look for them - you'll HEAR them!