Bedwell: The Double Live Album

Okay, I'm still laughing to myself.

:: heh-heh-heh ::

:: giggle ::

So on a friend's friend's Facebook post today he passed along a little game and it goes like this:

Go to Wikipedia, select "Random Entry" from the frame on the left and whatever word, phrase or name comes up first is the name of your band - if you had one... And you know you wish you did.

Who among us middle-aged-but-still-cool-in-our-own-minds overgrown children of the '70s didn't dream of traveling with the Partridge Family?

"We'd spread a little lovin' then and we'd keep movin' on."

Or singing with the Brady Bunch to raise money to pay for another of pitiful middle-child Jan's engraving errors?

"We're gonna keep on, keep on, keep on dancin' all through the night."

So the name of my band?


I kid you not.

Pussycat Dolls eat your hearts out.


Country Girl said…
Hmmm...noun, adjective or verb? The possibilities are...hmmmm ;)
Comet Girl said…
My Band,


I guess we would be some beer drinking, large, eastern European women in gray dresses! Eat YOUR heart out!
City Girl said…
Comet Girl: It's a polka band!!!