I could have gone a long time with knowing THIS.

Now, I know that I have limited horizons and experiences and that there's a LOT of stuff going on on this planet that...should I be aware of the ways and means?...would make me a more interesting and well-rounded person. I LONG for such knowledge. If I had the financial means, I'd take my kids and live in a different country for a month every summer. Because visiting a place isn't like living in a place and I think I'd start to pick up the subtleties and nuances if I stayed somewhere strange for a month. I think.
(I'll mention here that to this end? The Big Boy better NOT drop dead of a heart attack in THIS lifetime. That double payoff for an accident thing and all...which would fund my excursions nicely.)
Having said all this, there are some things that...should I ever "get" the meantness of something like this? Y'all just shoot me.
This is a cruise. A cruise on a ship, with bands and food and water and such, and the major purpose of the cruise is that at some point in time every person on the cruise gathers aboveboard and they take off their clothes and take a group picture. Of lots of naked people who don't know each other.
I hold my breath when I pass someone in the grocery store because I don't want to breathe the air they leave when they pass. We won't even TALK about the potential in the taking of this picture.
I wish I hadn't already eaten breakfast. I'm glad I don't have a CLUE as to what would possibly make someone want to participate in something like this.
You can't tell which is me, can you? Can you?

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Le laquet said…
Oh no, no that's just very wrong on so many levels! I think the photo burnt my retinas too!