If you stay married long enough...

Today is our anniversary and I forgot and he remembered. Hate it when that happens even though IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. So...because we've been married so long...instead of having to get dressed and drive under the influence and spend money...we're having Favorite Dinner Number Five at home with our kids. All of them, and my sister, and my bestest friend who was our wedding witness. And these are the emails long-married people send each other on their anniversary.

(His car has been in the shop getting new brakes, he drove mine to a store parking lot this morning and I have my sister's truck this week.) Go to the bottom and start up.

Your car will be at WD. I have mine. New battery in truck...to start hauling off shit. (Don't piss me off...your body will fit in the truckbed.)

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Ok. Anything I need to know about cars? Happy Anniversary!

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Tacos for supper. Neeley will be here.