Lopsided Cakes Need Not Apply

Oh, y'all...Get ready for Epicurious-meets-Disney-meets-Timothy Leary.

You know I hate to be a hater, and I especially hate hating on fellow bloggers, since I am only a part-time temp in the steno pool of the blogosphere.

But in this case I will make an exception. Check this out: The cute food blog.

God love 'em. You know their mommas do...and repressed, suburban Martha Stewart wannabes...and Japanese teenagers who wear shaggy pink legwarmers and carry $2,000 Hello Kitty backpacks. But that's surely the outermost limits of their appeal.

I fully understand and appreciate the concept of Food As Art, but Canadian bacon geese? Really? Pork as a modeling medium? I think even Emeril might draw the line there.

Don't get me entirely wrong, Americans of the Southern persuasion can get pretty extravagant with food. I submit as "Exhibit A" Hummingbird Cake. Eight layers of banana and cream cheese insanity. But there is a distinct difference between extravagant and...stupid.

But then again...I am -very seriously-considering constructing a Marcel Duchamp urinal entirely of miniature marshmallows and submitting a photo to the site.



Country Girl said…
Okay, the strawberries are awesome and my kids may do that for Valentine's but...the Canadian bacon thing? That's just gross. (Did you know, and I learned this when the jet went down in the Hudson and not one day before, that it's Canada geese? Not Canadian?) And, ummm, we HAVE a teddy bear pancake mold. Ooops.
City Girl said…
Fair enough. Maybe I'm off base here. Maybe it's because I don't have kids and I'm missing the Cute Food hormone.

But if you show up with marzipan Smurf hut cupcakes, I'm calling Riverbend.
Melissa said…
Bacon. Ew.

But I'm thinking that there might be a better medium for the urinal. At first I was thinking rice krispie treats, then perhaps white chocolate would be better? And then you could use an oreo as the little cake thingy.