On Aging

Okay, so here we are at another birthday.

I keep waiting for the year to come where this bothers me - I'm happy to report it isn't here yet.

I am :: drum roll :: 42 years of age today. Old enough to be...the older sister of most of you.

Although, I believe Fab Boy and I are the same age this year, no?

Anyhoodle, I still LOVE my birthday. My own personsonal holiday - what could be better?

I do sound like a youngest child rather than an eldest child, don't I? Don't care. My day! La-la-la-la!!!

Got cupcakes - welcome back to the fourth grade, folks - and cards at work today. Even the Engineers signed on, which absolutely pleased me to no end. They aren't sociable, The Engineers. But I go around their department every Friday forcing them out of their collective comfort zone, forcing them to talk to a Marketing Person and apparently they don't mind as much as they used to. One even called me "Baby" when he signed my card. How's that for progress? Bless them....

Enjoying gifts, Gifts, GIFTS right now (Hub is playing with the new iPod Touch, so I have time to post - had to wish Joshilyn a Happy Birthday to Us) and martinis with bleu-cheese stuffed olives. Go-oood day!

Tomorrow brings the buffet of Indian culiary goodness at my favorite ethnic haunt in Huntsvegas and a viewing of Slumdog Millionaire...before meeting friends at dinner for Sushi. Can you say multi-cultural gluttony? I can!!!

So, the lesson to be learned here, kids (those of you who are not yet 4-2 are still "kids" indeed) is that 40-ish birthdays are still to be enjoyed and even savored - because they beat the HELL out of the alternative.

Happy Birthday to ALL of us!


hswilkinson said…
30 didn't bother me at all, unlike the Husband. When he turned 30, his girlfriend (me) was 24. I told him, "Your girlfriend is TWENTY-FOUR, so STFU and stop whining."
fatboyfat said…
Ahem.....I don't quite know how to break this to you....but I'm actually 38. Haven't done the big four-zero thing yet. I just look older.
Country Girl said…
Babies, babies, babies...I love ALL my birthdays!! You really DON'T get older, you just get better. Except for that shit where the Skin Fairy sneaks in and skins you and puts your mom's crepey, mottled skin on YOUR body. Pisser.
Melissa said…
You'd be an awesome big sis. About the perfect age difference, too. Can I adopt you? It can be my bday present since mine is next week! (38) :)

And sushi and Indian in the same day? You are a lucky girl indeed.
City Girl said…
FB: Ouch. Sorry. Somehow I thought we were both '67 babies. Ah, well.

Mel: I AM an awesome big sis - and there's always room for one more. :o)
Happy belated birthday! Sucks to have a Lenten birthday:(. Mine's the 19th of March.
Tammy Robbins said…
Happy belated birthday!!
fatboyfat said…
No worries. I'm a moon landing child, born 9 months after Apollo 11.

You'll have to do the respectable big sis act instead.