Do Over

Okay, since yesterday's post went over like a lead balloon, how about this?

Toilet humor usually goes over big around here. :o)

FART Magazine: A Bad Case Of Swedish Translation Meatballs

"Bad translations are a total gas. Example: retro Swedish car mag, Fart Med Motor Revy.
Fart Med Motor Revy was initially published in Sweden during the Fifties and Sixties and, according to our trusted Google translator, it literally translates to: "speed with the engine revy." Could it have been run by Nordic coffee shop vikings? We might need a Jalop to sniff around to confirm this, but we'll believe it was until we smell hear otherwise. There are old copies available on numerous auction sites, but a lack of true info has left us feeling pretty shitty."


Country Girl said…
I LOVED yesterday's post!! We only succumbed to plasma/flat screen this Xmas and it's not very big, but that's because I don't want my kids watching television to the exclusion of all other things. Having said that? I don't golf but The Golf Channel is BEAUTIFUL!
Country Girl said…
Oh...and I had to run fartleks back in the day. Swedish for sprints. Think a bunch of kids didn't get a kick out of THAT?