Eight is Not Quite Enough

Oh, this is sad.

(And this post is riddled with '70s American pop cultural references ...sorry Fab and LL)

Willie Aames, of Eight of Enough fame, is broke. So broke, in fact, that he's having a garage sale to raise cash.

The teenage heart-throb of my youth lives in Kansas and filed for bankruptcy last year. He also attempted suicide last Thanksgiving and now his home is in foreclosure. Bless his heart.

The story states that dozens of people showed up at the garage sale.

Dozens? DOZENS? Is Kansas completely void of 45-year-old women?

Hell, there should have been a hundred women on his lawn at 4:30 that morning, wrapped in quilts, drinking coffee and pawing through whatever had been set out the night before, singing the theme song to Eight is Enough.

There's a magic in the early morning we found,
When the sun rise smiles on everything around.
It's a portrait of the happiness that we feel and always will,
For eight is enough to fill our lives with love.

Dozens of people indeed. Oh, Kansans. Where's the humanity? The poor guy had to sell off his mounted deer heads and teevee memorabilia.

You KNOW that if Scott Baio or David Cassidy had a tag sale, Wackenhut would have to provide crowd control.

Poor Tommy Bradford.

The next time I get the feeling that it's time to throw myself a pity party, y'all please remind me of Willie Aames.

Here's a thought: In stead of calling "bullshit" when you know I'm totally making something up (not that I've done that - yet) you need to call "Willie" when I slip back into somber mode.

Although, you know... if he'd been thinking clearly...he really could have spun this into a ton of publicity - and possibly a reality television show - and afterward sold the stuffed moose and Tiger Beat posters on eBay for loads more money.

Where's a good publicist when you need one? Or, you know, Dick van Patten.


Comet Girl said…
I am so sad right now. Oh, the humanity!
Bonny said…
Can't wait to for your runaway dog post!

It actually happened again two days later...I guess I should write about that one too. It would probably have to be a thank you letter to my neighbor for grabbing the dog.
alejna said…
Poor guy. It seems like there should be some sort of charity out there to help destitute former child sitcom stars.
Le laquet said…
Who is your secret crush? Not like "Oh, I love David Tennant" but like, "I would totally have Gordon Brown."

Exsqueeze me???? NOOOOOOOOOO! LMAO!