I just did it. Pulled the trigger.

Resigned from my job.


I can't tell if I am exhilarated or scared shitless.

I think I'm about to lose continence. Not consciousness. Read slowly.


I did it! I'm leaving! No more verbal abuse! No more mental torture! Well, at least not from this sociopathic management group.


Oh, the guilt.

Although I shouldn't feel guilty because all but four people who were here when I started a year ago are gone. Everyone ran out the door screaming. Some of them didn't last 60 days.

One girl with whom I work, after less than 30 days, regretted - aloud - leaving her old job and joining up here.

People around town told me it was a meat grinder. I didn't listen. They were right.

And now I've quit.

Holy crap.

So now what? Actually, I have a bit of a sad little plan...stay tuned.


Dory said…
Le laquet said…
Oh wow! (Which is the same as holy frickin' shit really!)
hswilkinson said…
Woo!!! Good for you and your sanity.
Amblus said…
Congratulations! It feels like getting out of prison, doesn't it?
City Girl said…
Amblus: I had dinner with another "escapee" last night and she said the same thing! "It feels live we've gone over the wall."
Comet Girl said…
Good for you! I want all the dirty little details at lunch Sat.
Laurel said…
Congratulations! Now, try taking deep breaths - you don't want to pass out from lightheadedness now that the weight of the job is gone!