Ostriches Are Happy Creatures

Tired, tired, TIRED of all the bad news?

Feeling a bit on edge? "On edge" being the understatement of the day.

Yeah, me too.

It's bad enough that reality bites, but listening to the laments of the media on a 24/7 loop is enough to send someone over the edge of the edge.

So after subjecting myself to the glum radio news for 90 minutes on the way into town this morning, then finding the girl who reports to me in an absolute puddle of frustration (at 8:15 on a Monday morning this does NOT bode well for the rest of the week) and learning the Hubster's eye exam and impending glasses are not covered by my insurance, I needed some good news.

Check email account number one, hoping to find a video of a piglet riding a turtle. Nothing.

Check email account number two, hoping to find a good "a priest, a rabbi and a stripper" joke. Nope.

Look at LOL Cats, whose sole purpose is to uplift the miserable masses. Eh...not so funny today, actually.

FINE. In desperation I Googled, "Good News."

Now, I know there exists an American Christian media outlet called The Good News Network, and while I applaud the catchy title, I was decidedly not in the mood for a rousing psalm this morning.

But, lo - what's this Google result? A website called Happy News? Are they being SARCASTIC? Is that supposed to be FUNNY?

No! It's real! And their tag line is: Real News. Compelling Stories. Always Positive.

Freaking. Brilliant. Eat your hearts out, CNN and MSNBC.

People Saved! Hooray!
Take THAT LOL Cats!
People NOT getting laid off!

The icing on the pink, cream-filled Happy Cake?
The Happy Quote:
A happy life consists in tranquility of mind. - Cicero

That Cicero - as a Chicago suburb it sucks, but as a philosopher, he rocked.

Peace of Mind. Elusive. Mythical, even. Who among us, really, has peace of mind?

What would it take for you to have peace of mind? Seriously?

What step would you have to take to finally sleep like a babe tonight, wake up tomorrow looking forward to a new day, and go back to bed satisfied with how you've spent another 24 hours on Earth?

It would require sacrifice, no doubt. But what are you really giving up? A relationship that Jerry Springer scouts have been eyeballing? A job that, yes, is paying the bills in a bad economy but is making you physically sick? A house/car/boat that is the envy of your friends but you really can't afford?

Whatever it is, make sure you cut it loose after you read today's Happy News.

Guinness for Strength. Happy News for Courage.

*Note to Guinness Marketing and Legal Departments: Please don't sue me. kthxbye


Country Girl said…
ACTUALLY? I have one foot in the door here because yesterday? as The Little Kids and I were planting strawberries and The Big Boy was practicing his (awesome) golf swing? I pointed out..."These are the best years of our lives."

And they are. Thank you, God.
hswilkinson said…
My job may have more than its fair share of extreme stress, but I do love it. The Boy has a stable job in IT, which is miraculous right now. But if we have to, we can live on my job alone. That's comforting.