A Clean Airport is a Happy Airport

This blew my mind this morning....

You all have heard/read me moan endlessly over the last few years about business travel and how I hate to fly through Hartsfield in Atlanta.

The irony is not lost that the only way to get ANYWHERE from here is through Hartsfield, so I've been there at least 100 times.

And as much as I detest the layout - there's no way to make a connection without at least a 90 minute layover - it really isn't a completely awful airport.

With a Starbucks at every crowded, cheek-to-jowl, intersecting corridor and a newspaper stand ever 50 yards, Hartsfield makes up for in comfort what it lacks in convenience.

And the restrooms (warning - we're wading into T-M-I territory here) are surprisingly spotless.

For decades - three of them - I was terrified of public restrooms. I have my mother to thank for that. I still recall, with HD clarity, my first lesson in "hovering." We were at an amusement park, and my little legs couldn't hold out for as long as the tinkle was taking.

So there she was, in the stall with me, yanking me up by the arm, screaming, warning me against letting my little butt-cheeks touch the seat. ::shudder::

Needless to say, I had "public potty" issues - big time.

But not at Hartsfield. For whatever strange reason - maybe because after 100 trips it felt like a second home - it always felt clean enough. And I've credited that airport for helping me get over publictoiletobia.

So that brings us to today. It turns out that Hartsfield really IS clean, and they use subliminal messaging to keep it that way.

Here's the full article.

Aaaand now you have the image of me in a public restroom doing my "thing" and that song stuck in your pretty little heads.

Shake your groove thing
Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show 'em how you do it now....

Actually, that song is more appropriate for a men's room, no?


Dory said…

When are you gonna come visit Chez HunkyDory?!

City Girl said…
Maybe a trip to Corn Country is what I need this summer!

Which reminds me, I have several "sample" PPT pressos for Hunk. I need to email those to you. :o)
Comet Girl said…
I do love me a clean restroom and I have found myself letting go of some of my childhood bathroom phobias. It must be my aging plumbing. So then why do I feel like we're heading toward a Gattaca like society?
Country Girl said…
Okay, this is ESPECIALLY funny if you're still working in your pajamas. Maybe cute longjohns with a FLAP?
Moon said…
When I worked I too traveled way too much and of all the restrooms in all the airports LAX was the worst. Half the stalls out of order the rest out of paper.

For some reason Cincinnati sticks in my mind as the best.