Friday Funny


Tom said…
Just so you know, I'll be stealing that to send to my intro to world religions class. She will enjoy it.
Tom said…
Intro to World Religions class instructor that is. Not the whole class, I don't like them that well.
Nina said…
Ok. Your sense of humor is sick! Just like mine! I love that your favorite movie is 'My Cousin Vinny.' "What is a yute?" My favorite line.
Sunny said…
Funny stuff.
Thanks for visiting me at "SC Happy Thoughts".
You asked about hummingbirds.
Yes, I use the red, round plastic feeder.
The hummingbirds seem to like the kind with the little perches that they can rest on the best.
I get them from a place called "Wild Birds Unlimited".
You may have one in your area.
I feed plain old sugar water, 1/4 cur of sugar to one cup of boiled water (ao the sugar will dissolve thoroughly). A little extra sugar never hurts.
I hang my feeders in different places but I try to never hang them in a straight line.
The birds are very territorial and they will try to defend anything in a straight line.
For that reason, I always hang them in a triangular pattern.
it reduces hummingbird feuds.
Good luck.
Thanks again for stopping by.

Kickin' Kari said…
LOL, um...i must say that I don't get it...I'm an airhead though...I'm sure I'll get it in a few hours and laugh. LOL