Highly Amusing Meme

I noticed tonight that we are up to eight would-be stalkers - stage left.

Woo-hoo! Justify our love, kids!

The newest member of Team CGCG is Em. I clicked on Em's blog and found this seriously funny meme. It looks like something that probably originated on Facebook, which is now ecumenically acceptable as I am BACK on Facebook - GOODBYE Lent!

**Quick Updated: As for bettering myself by spending all my abstained-from Facebook time catching up on reading...that didn't work out exactly as planned. I just couldn't find the books. I tried Hot, Flat, Crowded...set it aside. I went in completely the opposite direction and tried Bitter is the New Black...threw it across the room. I did read "Twisted" by Laurie Halse Anderson - sort of a modern take on Catcher in the Rye, and it was pretty darn good. So the reading... Meh. However, Hub and I did spend a lot of quality time together catching up on movies. My favorite, hands down, was Eastern Promises. Wow. Great movie. Sorry, Mama Mia.**

Here's how the meme goes:

Google "Unfortunately Your Name" - be sure to include the quote marks.

My results:

Unfortunately CityGirl was pretty much used as no more that an arm charm

Unfortunately CityGirl will not be participating in the 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania

Unfortunately, CityGirl and Steven are not alone

Unfortunately, CityGirl's mom leaves when City Girl brings up the idea of rehab

PS - Forget Shaft - Viggo is one badass Mutha.


Le laquet said…
And what exactly would City Girl and Steven (the question begs asking - which Steven?) be doing if they were alone??? And you're absolutely right about the divine Viggo!
City Girl said…
Welcome back from France, LL! Glad to see you back online.

As for Steve...it turns out he's a cat. :o/
Em said…
Enjoyed your "unfortunate" sentences. I don't know about Facebook as the source, I found the game by following links to bloggers who commented on Posie Gets Cozy (the same way I found your site). Love CGCG! I'm hooked. Waving hello from Washington state. :)
Country Girl said…
This one works:
*CountryGirl is smitten w/the well-dressed hunk
*CG had got very upset that her party might have to be postponed
*CG declined
*CG & her friends misread the enlistment form (this is the basis for a novel)
*CG lost everyone's money