Head's Up

If you follow our good friend Mel at Taking What's Left - and if you don't, you should - she's moved over to Wordpress.

The link to her new place, Colorful Metaphors, is on our blog roll at left.

And she's having a blog-warming party, with prizes and everything.

Go visit. Have a drink. Peek in her medicine cabinet...you know the party routine.


Nina said…
Don't know his name, but it was creepy to see Spock kissing Uhura. Just plain creepy. Spock didn't get the girls! That was Kirk! Don't know his name either, but he was sooooo hot.
Zachary Quinto.


Thanks for the shout out!
david mcmahon said…
Never checked out her blog, but I will now. Glad you liked my ``S Is For Skeleton Key'' post!