Mad Dogs and English Peas

I don't normally post personal photos, but I was out in the garden staking peas when Cliff Claven - aka "the waaaay laid back dog" - peeked around the corner to watch what I was doing....and I couldn't help but pull out the ol' camera phone.

Is he not the handsomest boy?

Garden Goodies (and compost castoffs) regularly consumed with abandon by my abnormal companions:
Green Beans
Cherry Tomatoes
Celery leaves
Avocado scraps


Moon said…
I believe he's smiling. Who couldn't love that guy.
Country Girl said…
At a later time (that would be...WHEN WE NEED A POST) need to tell the world the story about that dog. Y'ALL...HIS NAME IS CLIFF BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE HE WAS RESCUED FROM. A cliff. Abandoned on a cliff and last time I checked, there's not a lot of food and water on a cliff. CG has a hell of a story.
Country Girl said…
OH! And then you have to tell about the fake electric fence! I'm still going to try that on the neighbor's kids.
Governor Jen said…
I love that photo. And I'm completely jealous of all the stuff you've got growing. I need another week, at least before I can put my seedlings out.
Comet Girl said…
Wook at that sweet puppy! He's a cutie he is! Kisses from Auntie Comet!