A Bad Year to be a Celebrity

Great Googlymoogly it's a bad time to be a celebrity.

This dying shit, seriously, has got to stop. It is freaking me out.

If I was Sandra Bullock - my choice to play "me" in the Lifetime Special movie of my life - I'd be hiding under the covers right about now.

Did you see where Billy "OxiClean" Mays is dead? The strangest part of about his death is the Internet rumor that WILLIE Mays died yesterday. Hubster nearly had a come-apart.

BILLY. BILLY Mays passed away.

So many celebs have recently gone on to that Great Soundstage in the Sky that I'd forgotten David Carradine died just a few weeks ago. And it seems like Natasha Richardson died years ago ...Talk about morbid overload.

Does anyone remember that Bea Arthur passed away last month? IMHO she deserved a lot more posthumous attention than she got. Surely a little, tiny bit of media time spent reviewing MJ's contribution to the arts, could have been spared for Maude. I'm just sayin'.

And what about John Updike? I realize that winning multiple Pulitzers isn't as glam as the Moonwalk, but c'mon - his passing deserved a bit more attention than it received. He was, back in the day, the most written-about author of his time.

I could just hear the Young Turks at CNN Headline Mindmelt yawning at the news, "John Who? Didn't he, like, write that gross book about slaughtering animals?" No, Dear. That was Upton Sinclair, but nice try.

Something funny (funny "odd" not funny "ha-ha") did circulate through text and email immediately after Michael Jackson's death.

A guy who works for Hubster got a text as we were all talking. He read it aloud in astonishment:
"Did you know that James Brown, Aliyah, Left Eye, Static Major and Michael Jackson all died on the 25th of the month. They were all black. Weird."

I thought, "Okay...More performers HAVEN'T died on the 25th, than have....But still...Don't forget Eartha Kitt, she died on Christmas."

It's always the old-timers - the best of the lot, in my opinion - who are forgotten.


Alicia said…
the whole billy mays thing freaked me out! and apparently the networks are doing a tribute because they've been showing ALL his commercials ALL morning...my 5 yr old is convinced we need more oxiclean, kaboom, and the bit city slider...oy
You say Great googlymoogly too? No wonder we get along!

And yeah, the MJ love fest is a bit annoying. I've been avoiding news so I can avoid it.
Country Girl said…
Farrah. I'm still pissed because they ignored Farrah.
kathi said…
I don't believe in that "death in 3s" thing, but the universe seems to be trying to prove me wrong with such a strangely large number of celebrity deaths. This morning I heard that Karl Malden has passed. At age 97, not entirely unexpected, I guess, but still. So many :(

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