It's (Another) Major Award!

Thanks to Mrs. Gamgee over at Hobbitish Thoughts and Ramblings for pinning a "Kreativ Blogger" award on our virtual lapel.

And...despite the fact that I actively avoid patronizing businesses whose names are intentionally misspelled (Kuntry Kitchen, Fashun Nashun, Kidz Korner) I accept this award in the spirit in which it was given: With a pure heart - sans snark.

The Rules 1. After receipt of the award, you write about seven things that you love. 2. Pass the award to seven bloggers you love, and be sure to tag them and let them know they've won.

Here are seven things I know CG1 and I both love, and links to previous posts about them:
1. Bourbon
2. Good Cheese
3. Mexican Food and
4. Strong Margaritas

5. Gardening
6. Cooking
7. Pearls

Now if that is not the basis for an epic friendship, I ask you - what is?

I now pass the Leg Lamp on to bloggers we've followed for quite a while, and who heretofore have been underrepresented in our blogging...maybe they've been thankful for that. Who knows? We're outing them now:

Mel at Colorful Metaphors
Badger at Make Your Own Damn Dinner
Erin at Out of Character
Alejna at Collecting Tokens
Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy
Joshilyn at Faster Than Kudzu
and Jo at Chez le Laquet

Thanks again to Hobbitish Thoughts for the shout-out. We love ya, Sister!


Joshilyn said…
Why THANKS -- how kind of you! :)
Thanks oodles! Now I have even more reason to make you cookies!
Nina said…
Oooh! A "major award"! And this one won't scandalize the whole neighborhood! (Watch "A Christmas Story" if you missed the reference!)
Le laquet said…
How very lovely ... shit now I have to go and write something!
hey, i actually follow one of these!
and now she's going to have to write something too!
very sweet idea.
alejna said…
Aw, thanks! I just saw this. I feel like I should buy you a round of bourbon and slab of good cheese.