Justice CityGirl

Supreme Court Justice-Elect Sonia Maria Sotomayor and I have an uncanny number of things in common, to-wit:

  • We both know enough of a Dead Language to say things like, "to-wit."
  • We both wanted to be Nancy Drew when we grew up!
  • Neither of us, as it turned out, became Nancy Drew.
  • Her father was a machinist/tool-and-die maker. So was mine.
  • Her father died when she was nine years old. When I was nine, so did mine.
  • She has worked in law offices. So have I. (That she was an attorney and I was a college secretary is irrelevant....)
  • Her mother was a telephone operator. My grandmother was an operator.
  • We were both raised Catholic and neither attends mass regularly. (So we both - I'm guessing - have Catholic Guilt).
  • We both graduated cum laude. (Although one of us walked summa cum laude at Princeton and the other walked vanilla cum laude at the University of North Alabama).
  • In high school she was on the Speech team (nerd). I was on the Debate team (nerd).
  • One of us is a member of the American Philosophical Society, while the other is a member of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (Cruelty Prevention is a Philosophy....)
  • Neither of us has children.
  • We are both "first born females" (relevant) and the eldest of two children.
  • We both have ex-husbands (one of us has more than the other, but still....)
  • We both have huge soft spots for underdogs
  • She saved baseball. I watch baseball.
  • We both love Puerto Rican food.
  • Both our first names contain 5 letters and end in "a"........
See? We could be twins!

Spooky, right?


Expat From Hell said…
Yes, but if you've both sailed down Knob Creek, then you'll have my vote!

alejna said…
Terribly spooky!

Didn't you also recently start a new job?
Comet Girl said…
And you both claim to make betters decisions that white males...
Baby boy said…
This must be from the other side of the family......
Country Girl said…
Cosmic, my dear, simply cosmic. I always KNEW I'd be able to say I knew you when!
Le laquet said…
Actually even I think it's spooky and I have no idea what half of those things mean