Pay It Forward

You might remember the story I told last Christmas about driving up to the window at Starbucks, only to find that the guy in the car ahead of me gave the cashier $20 and told her to pay for the drinks of the next two people in line - Merry Christmas and Pay It Forward!

I recently came out - inexplicably - $20 ahead on a travel expense report.

So when our new Thank God and All The Saints mattress was delivered shortly after that trip, I tipped the delivery guy the $20 and told him to buy himself and the underling/schlepper in the truck some lunch. I hoped he'd be kind to the kid. Pay It Forward.

Visiting the Fancy Schmancy Blog earlier this week, I was tickled to pieces to find this entry:

"Yesterday, while I was snooping through the blogosphere, I found that Rhianne of For The Easily Distracted was doing a post about paying it forward.

'The first three people who leave a comment on this post today will receive a little surprise from me. The only catch is that you have to pay it forward to three more people. You don't have to have a blog to do this, just promise to keep it going by surprising three more people however you'd like.'

I thought it was a really neat idea and to my surprise- there were only 2 comments posted on her blog so far. I quickly chimed in and left a post and shortly after I received and email from the lovely and talented Rhianne informing me that I would be receiving gifties from her and her Bo-hunk! Yippee!

So now it is your turn to participate. If you are willing to pay it forward to 3 people, and want to receive a surprise gifty from me, simple leave a comment and the first 3 people will win!"

Well, guess who commented and guess who won a prize - Me, a-me, a-me-Me-ME!

Predictably, it is now your turn, dear Blog-thren, to comment, win, and pass it on.

In the spirit of following the rules - which I HATE to do - we'll award prizes to the first three commenters. BUT don't run off (R-U-N-N-O-F-T) if you are commenter number 4...or 10...or 17. You never know when CG1 and I have something up our sleeves and might randomly pick additional winners. :o)

C'mon all you long-time lurkers! This is a most-excellent opportunity for you to reveal yourselves. Pittsburg, Illinois? Sterling, Virginia? Walnut Creek, California? I know you're out there! Step right up and (maybe) win a prize!

Now I ask you: What could be better, on a boring, hotter-than-the-hinges-of-hell old Thursday, than to win a prize and get the opportunity to bring a little excitement and joy - more than usual, I mean - to your readers?

Okay...yes...a day off, a massage and a pitcher of margaritas would, in fact, be better. But you're on your own there...There's only so much I can do, spreading-the-love-wise.

PS - Click the image for a little toe-tappin' lagniappe.


Governor Jen said…
I love the pay it forward idea. My sister, who never has any money, always does this for others. It's always a reminder to me to do it more often.

Happy mingle!
I try to keep Pay it Forward as a part of my life. So many have helped me through my life. It's only right I do the same thing.
Baby Boy said…
CG, this is an awesome concept. we all hear the stories, but never do anything about it. i realize that my location is far removed from yours, but know that i am going to shake things up a bit in my "West of Iowa" way.
that is the coolest thing!! Stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hi! Have a great day!!
Emily said…
I love give-aways. Here is my post of participation. Check my blog soon for an Etsy shop giveaway of my own!
hswilkinson said…
It's nice to see and think good things when everything else is farking crazy.
MrsZeee said…
I am a big believer in pay it forward but once again, I hail to you, oh queen of the funniest freakin' phrases I have ever heard...seriously, you should have list. "hotter than hinges of hell" is my new favorite!
alejna said…
That's so cool that you forked over your bonus $20. You rock.

I think I'm generally too lazy to pay forward.
Alicia said…
ooohhh I want to do it! sounds fun! and a massage sounds amazing...i'd ask the hubs, but then he wants me to "pay it forward". ya dig?
Country Girl said…
Then there are the mother announced yesterday that she "made" 25 cents at Aldi. Turns out someone left his quarter in the buggy so...she took it.
PS~Erin said…
How cool! I followed you over here from Rhianne's blog bc she was one of the commenters on my pay-it-forward. Love that you are keeping it going! Love your blog too!
And I'm late to the party. Oh well. BUt what a great idea. :)
Thank you for the lovely gift. As promised I posted a Pay It Forward entry today. I hope you don't mind the plagarizing!
Indigo said…
I'm so late the party, but I just may have to post a Pay It Forward question shortly in honor of this lovely idea.