Can You Hummus a Few Bars

Okay, Kids, I feel so guilty over the incredibly lame post with which I polluted this space this morning, I'm going to share a recipe.

So I was desperate for lunch a few minutes ago and had nothing lunchy laying around. Leftover blueberry crumble does not count as 'lunch' ...especially if you already had it for breakfast.

Leftover hummus...leftover grilled vegetables...too bad there's no couscous...or even a slice of bread.

But wait! Whole wheat tortillas!


Why in the HELL do I have whole wheat tortillas? Oh, right, because you can't buy, and I don't make, naan.

Anyway, slather tortilla with hummus. Wrap around grilled eggplant and onion. Consume. Repeat. Consume. Repeat. Consume.

Do not roll your eyes at me. (I see you, there, in the back). I know perfectly well that middle eastern folks have been smearing hummus on flat bread and stuffing it with veggies for 4,000 years. I'm not claiming to have found the cure for the common cold. I'm just reminding you of how most excellent this particular combination of otherwise mismatched leftovers can be.

So here, finally, after 10 people have asked for it, is my famous in certain circles hummus recipe...Which really isn't mine at all. I stole it from Epicurious, omitted the cumin, and viola!

Better post? Fogiven? Hey, at least I provided useful information this time around!


This looks delicious! I have never made home-made hummus before, but your recipe looks easy and child-friendly, I just may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great SITS day!
Melissa said…
Stupid open id is acting up again...

Just to let you know, I buy naan bread all the time. At my regular grocery store even. :)
City Girl said…

I mean that lovingly.

We ONCE had a lovely Indian market, but only one in 10,000 people here has an adventurous palate and the shop couldn't make it with only 7 customers.

Now that I am hooked - HOOKED - on all varieties of Indian bread (because as you well know I was probably Indian - dots not feathers - in a previous life and bought a tunic that is ALMOST a sari last week).

Country Girl said…
I actually ENJOYED the previous post because it reminded know how Christmas is feast or famine? There are either more parties than you could attend in a lifetime I need to get this house cleaned up and have a party...remember? The LAST Christmas party I had got picked up by the wire services! And no laws were broken!
Sue said…
I love hummus, I never made it myself. I should try to sometime. I can eat way to much of it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
Mrs. Gamgee said…
Your hummus sounds (and looks) incredible! Get this... I can buy naan at my grocery store, but I can't find tahini, so I've never made my own hummus.
Helene said…
That looks SO good!! I usually just buy hummus at Trader Joe's b/c I'm too lazy to make it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Le laquet said…
I adore - it's a true love thing - houmous, it would be on my list of last things I will need to eat before I can allow myself to die.