Feast or Famine

Hubster and I used to be reasonably popular.

By "popular" I mean that a wide variety of people occasionally invited us over for dinner or out to dinner and to parties.

Then I got a job 65 miles from home, started commuting 3 hours a day, Hub changed jobs, life got really, really tiring aaaaand...we basically fell off the map. Disappeared from everyone's social radar. Which, actually, was okay with us because we were chronically exhausted and barely able to maintain intelligent conversation with each other and the cats, let alone anyone else.

Three insanely quick years later I'm back in town (mostly) and Hub is settled into the new enterprise (no, we don't call him Kirk). For a long while - like 90 days - after The Return of Us, we couldn't BUY a dinner date. Conflicting calendars, misaligned stars, I don't know what the hell was going on, but we'd call folks and they were never able to get together.

I, frankly, got a complex. See, I'm the odd duck out around here. Hubster is from here and he's handsome, and sweet and the day I drop dead he will have a PORCH FULL of casseroles and single women offering to iron his socks.

The other half of handsome and charming is Yankee and nonconforming. You get the picture.

Luckily, my paranoia seems to be only half on-target because suddenly, July 4th weekend, we had things to do and places to go and people to see.

It was great! We were back in the saddle. On the 4th we volunteered to call bingo at the church pic-a-nic. Met loads of people I recognized but did not actually know - and got a little bit closer to people we sort-of knew, and knew we liked. Now we know them all. Had to, unfortunately, miss CG1's Branch Party (again) due to this obligation, but if any of y'all are Catholic, and have witnessed Catholic Cutthroat Bingo, you know what a serious endeavour that was.

Wednesday after that was dinner out with wonderful and nearly long-lost friends. Tuesday was Hub's half-year-birthday (that's another post...we celebrate our half-year birthdays because we don't have kids so we spoil each other as much as possible without getting completely ridiculous) and we had dinner out with a lovely friend. This past Saturday was the HYBD cookout and last night was monthly supper club - which we were unfortunately unable to attend due to my being struck down with a serious case of intestinal Oonga Galoonga. It was Bad and best left undescribed...let me just say this: Master Cleanse. Ugh. They LAW.

Suddenly, tonight we're meeting another nearly long-lost friend from B'ham for dinner, and fortunately I'm feeling mostly better. Tomorrow night is a professional association dinner, Thursday is a little pot-luck party thrown by the loveliest girl child we've met in a long time, Friday is the group trip to see Harry Potter and Saturday is an engagement party.

HOLY CRAP! Can somebody tell me what the hell happened? We went, in less than 30 days, from not being able to coerce dinner out of someone, to a damn-near full dance card.

Crrrrap. I just realized I'm going to have to wear makeup every night this week.

And it's love-ly. :o) SO glad to be back in the swing of things. Thank God for friends, old and new. Cross your fingers for me that the Oonga Galoonga does not rear (ha-ha) its ugly head again this week. That just might turn the tide back against us....


Country Girl said…
I'm just impressed that you WANT to leave the house. Shows character, that does.
City Girl said…
I think this is - quite possibly - the wost post ever. It isn't even a post. It is blog litter. I am ashamed.

But you know what? I got nothin' else. Nothing to complain about - which is a nice change.
Alicia said…
i loved it! we go in stages too...but thankfully most the people i hang out with don't require make up!
Donna in AL said…
I am glad you are glad you are back in the saddle!!

What has gotten me to comment is your use of "They LAW". My uncle said that all my life and we still mimic the way he said it. We really did not know what he was actually saying until now!! Please tell me about this saying from how you use it, define it, etc. PLEASE!

My WV is fusemato
Donna in AL said…
Thanks for replying to my question. That is how my uncle used the expression too.