I can't even post a picture...

...because it would interfere.

I had a dumpster delivered this morning. To my house. I am cleaning.

Two years ago, I got really sick. Lost my housekeeper at the same time. I am a slow recoverer, obviously, because I TOTALLY lost control of my life, my house, my kids and my future.

That shit is over.

We found the chicken who's been missing for 18 months. Actually, he's been DEAD for 18 months. Old furniture burns really fast and I WILL go to hell for this one. Most antique stores are closed on Mondays so if you dump a load of really good furniture by the front door? Wish I could be a fly on the wall tomorrow morning. Rotten eggs EXPLODE. I mean, they EXPLODE. Brown Recluse are more afraid of you than you are of them.

All three of my kids are here and we're going to let someone else cook us dinner and then go listen to music and then get up tomorrow and do it again.

So there.


Alicia said…
ahhhh have fun with that!