Weekend Drink Special

Country Girl has a helluva story brewing, but it might take a bit to get it posted seeing as how it involves medical emergencies, sex (well, almost), knowing somebody who knows somebody and a child doing what she ought not.

In honor of the trials and near-miss homicides she experienced this week, I am offering up a slap-your-momma-good recipe for a bucket-size cocktail.

Lift a glass in her honor and pray to God you never cross her.

Tampa Sangria

1 Orange, sliced
1 Lemon, sliced
1/4 cup Powdered Sugar
1 bottle Spanish Red Wine
1/2 cup Cognac
1/2 cup Grand Mariner
1/4 cup Orange Juice, fresh-squeezed
1 cup Club Soda


In a punch bowl/mixing bowl, combine the fruit with the sugar and muddle. Add wine through juice. Chill.

Before serving, add Club Soda. Ladle Sangria into glasses half-filled with ice and garnish with a...oh, who the hell wants to bother with a garnish? Drink. Repeat.

Post Script: The Ladies, who my mother insisted wouldn't drink, guzzled this stuff at her party last weekend. Either they are all closet alcoholics or this shit is goo-ood.


Mrs. Gamgee said…
mmmm... I haven't had sangria in ages. I think it's time to indulge.
The Peach Tart said…
oh yes. I'm mixing myself up one right now. Nothing like sangria to get the party started.
Melissa said…
I only thought I had a good recipe. I am so making that tomorrow...