Charity by Proxy

So every day I click on the Animal Rescue Site link (at left) and donate - kibble, I think - to animals in need of assistance.

There is no welfare for disabled/unemployed/lazy animals here in the States. Pooches hanging out on street corners are picked up by the Dog Catcher and held at the pound for a few days...and then get gassed.

There is no Ol' Roy (the dog food equivalent of Government Cheese) program. You can't go to the County Vet for indigent feline health care. So it's up to the private sector to house and feed the poor, fuzzy unfortunates.

At least the animals aren't pierced and tattooed to kingdom come, chain smoking and complaining they can't come up with the scratch to feed themselves...but I digress.

Anyway, when I click on the "Donate" button, on the Animal Rescue site, a slew of other extremely worthwhile animal charity buttons pop up.

Stop Animal Beatings
Save Russian Circus Bears
Help Katrina Dogs
Rescue Feral Cats

I'd give money to all these organizations (don't tell the diocese) if only I could make myself click the buttons.

All the buttons, especially the first two, feature hideous images of horribly abused critters. The problem is that if you can bring yourself to look at the image long enough to click it, you are then led through a series of additional horrifying images.

I understand these animals are being abused/neglected/forced to watch Jay Leno. I GET IT. I got it with the FIRST image that made me cry. I can't look at any more! STOP!

If I click on the poor little bear with the ring through his nose and the abrasion over his eye, I should be rewarded with photos of happy bears. Rehab bears with clay masks and cucumber eye patches on their little faces, "This is what we can accomplish with your help."

So I have to ask Hubster to click for me. Then HE gets upset. And worse, I have to tell him that I'm giving more money to save more animals in more remote corners of the Earth, when we have numerous worthy animal welfare programs right here at home.

"But LOOK at the bear. How can I click past that?!"

Which leads me to wonder...if I'm giving money to bears in Siberia, are Siberians giving money to dogs in Alabama? Is this Internets thing a wash? Or are the locals getting screwed because all they can post online are mug shots of very scary looking Pit Bulls?

How can redneck pit bulls and fighting cocks compete against waltzing, accordion-playing bears?

I know the answer: They can't. Alabama strays need a publicist...some good PR.

Anybody with an agency out there looking for some pro bono work?


Country Girl said…
This is SO funny because I, the depository for all abandoned animals in this end of the county, sort of "lost" my compassion yesterday. I am FIFTY-THREE years old, raised in the country and for the first time in my life yesterday I saw...two dogs "stuck" together. Joined. POINTING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. I think I may be scarred for life.