Alternate Universe CityGirl

W.T.F. happened yesterday?

Can somebody tell me? Because I'm still a little freaked out.

So, going all the way back to the first boy who ever kissed me when I was 14, Nicky Capezio, I've not had great luck with men. Fortunately, my luck changed a dozen years ago but my closet is still over-freaking-flowing with testosterone-addled skeletons.

This bad luck was either exacerbated or caused by the fact that I've suffered from a lovely melange of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and RAD since infancy, Panic Disorder since kindergarten-ish, and PTSD since I was 9, as diagnosed by several professionals. During years and YEARS of therapy.

I've made bad decisions about boys since...okay always. I ALWAYS made bad decisions about boys.

High school was a nightmare. My first marriage did not go well. My second marriage is not even worth mentioning. In my early 20s I really did fall ass-over-teakettle in love with a boy who, ultimately, did not love me. The only boy who ever broke my heart. This all happened before the age of 25.

I got help. I got diagnosed, started meds, started college, got a life and laid off the man meat for a long time. Got my life together. Met Hubster 10 years later and now my life ROCKS.

So what happened yesterday? Both my high school boyfriend AND my first husband friended me on Facebook. HSBF actually apologized for having been a selfish dick. First husband went on about how beautiful I still am. Both of them. In the same day.


Through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, into Narnia...I don't know exactly what happened (it was 09/09/09, right? weird) but I SHOULD have bought a freakin' lottery ticket yesterday.

Because, I ask you, WHAT are the chances?


Stephanie Faris said…
That is a little freaky. I'm one of those who likes to remain on good terms with my exes...they just don't always want to remain on good terms with me! My ex-husband was my friend on MySpace but now that everyone's migrated to Facebook, we aren't friends anymore. He's remarried and I guess he doesn't want to have me as a friend in case his wife gets upset. (Even though I'm now living-in-sin with my boyfriend, and I was the one who ended the marriage.) My first boyfriend denied my facebook friend no good terms there, I guess. But he e-mailed me a few years ago and it was obvious he was still bitter about our breakup...which (HELLO?) happened in 1990!
kimert said…
I requested my ex as a friend on FB. He added me for what seemed like long enough to be nosey and see every last detal of what was going on with me and then deleted me. I kinda did even think that maybe just maybe he deleted me because he has a jealous wife... at least that's my story!

Stopping by from SITS! Have a great weekend. :)
Baby Boy said…
Well i hope you explained the the heartbreak kid has been replaced my his evil clone, ME!
City Girl said…
Hey, Baby Boy! I thought you'd disappeared. :o)

And I TOTALLY forgot that I told you you're his twin! LOL. And, believe me, YOU are not the evil one.

If HE'D popped up on FB yesterday, I think I'd have shit my britches. (lovely image, no?)
missy said…
oh my gosh......freaking out would be saying it mildly!!!!! hope you had a good day other than that!!!!
The Peach Tart said…
that is too creepy
Gabrielle said…
Total bizarre, but good for possible closure issues, right and GOOD that they think you look good, right? Great post, i love it! Howdy from SITS!
Comet Girl said…
That's the one thing about FB that freaks me out. Several of my exes have crawled out of the dung pile. All but 2 I've ignored. Didn't need them then, certainly don't need them now.
Alexandra said…
Very strange timing. Things always seem to happen like that. When it rains, it pours!