Cultural Commentary

Actually, I suppose this is less cultural and more just, "Random Thoughts on Current Events" - but that isn't alliterative, is it?

Kanye West - Yes, kids, I saw it live and sat, on the couch, with my mouth hanging open for a solid 10 minutes. He is an asshat, and anyone who thinks he is a 'man' because he took the mic away from a 95 lb. little girl (I'm looking at YOU, #VMA Tweeters) is just as big an asshat. Is he related to Michael Vick? Seriously. Talk about a total absence of impulse control.

Twilight - I. Am. Dy-ing. There is no way I can make it until 20 November to see New Moon. I am obsessed. I'm re-reading New Moon for the ::mumble:: time...WHY is a grown woman so completely...obsessed...with these stories? It makes no sense. But I don't care - I'm still 20 years old on the inside and as long as I don't look in the mirror, I can believe I'm still as young as the characters. Plus, I [heart] Jacob.

Patrick Swayze - I really don't like any of his movies, and thought he pretty much, um, sucked as an actor (I know, I know, don't speak ill of the dead). But bless his soul. No one deserves to die from Pancreatic Cancer. What a slow, torturous death.

Okay, Dirty Dancing wasn't awful, but only because it birthed the line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Brian Urlacher - He is the Chicago Bears'...well, he IS the Chicago Bears. And now he's out for the season. Separated his wrist during the Bears first regular-season game. You know the Chicago sports fans' mantra, right? "There's always next year." ::sigh::

Rep. Joe Wilson - Can't the rest of the U.S. just disown South Carolina? Seriously. The Civil War (sorry, Southerners, The War of Northern Aggression) started in South Carolina. Their Governor is a raging sack of hormones who can't keep his mouth shut, and now Joe Wilson. Not to mention his supporters who have thrown $250k at him since his outburst. Has anything good besides Shrimp and Grits ever come from that state?

Jay Leno - Meh.

So that's all the commentary I have for the day...possibly the week. What's been eating at you lately?


Mrs. Gamgee said…
Top notch run down...

Is it just me or is Jay Leno's new show the same as his old show, just in an earlier time slot? Why exactly did he leave the Tonight Show?

And Kanye = asshat... no question!
Governor Jen said…
I too, heart Jacob. Seriously, I am an adult woman. What the hell is wrong with me?

Yeah, um, sorry about that Bears loss. (crossing my fingers behind my back where you can't see them :-)

As for South Carolina, can't we just let them go away like they've always wanted to? I mean, really, what would we be losing?
Mejis said…
I'm a grown woman and I love Twilight, too. But my heart is with Edward.
I can't stand Kanye West!
You're right about South Carolina. Nothing good comes out of it. They even have the lowest SAT scores in the country. Who needs them?
Melissa said…
I always knew you were smart. Team Jacob all the way. :)
Nina said…
I'm all about Edward, myself. It's really hard not to love a hot vampire with unlimited sexual energy. Who just makes the perfect man. Anyway. Yeah, Kanye wasn't raised with any manners.
Indigo said…
I heart Edward, but I'm looking forward to New Moon as well. I'm getting my vampire on with The Vampire Diaries. Have you watched? YUM!