NOT "speaking ill of the dead..."

But rather, "out of the mouths of babes."

We're driving along the other morning and The Nice Kid, who is 14 and hears all SORTS of wild junior high school trivia, announces, "Mom, someone said that Billy Mays died of an overdose."

I said something about not believing everything you hear. Then she says, "Yeah, but they said he died like Elvis did...something went wrong with his heart because he was abusing drugs." I was right in the middle of getting wound up in my spiel about the dangers of ANY sort of abuse of ANY sort of anything when The Not Nice Kid, who is in fourth grade and gets all her information from two nine-year-old boys trying to be cool, says, "Oh YEAH? Trevor says he died from drinking his own stuff."

Death by OxyClean. Say it ain't so.


Alicia said…
lol...that's how i felt when my 5 yr old came home from first grade telling me that michael jackson had some bad
City Girl said…
Alicia - As opposed to the good pills, right? Like Flintstone chewables?
Nina said…
During the Bill Clinton 'thing', I heard a story about a mom who was driving her daughter to school and out of nowhere the kid (who was a tween, if my memory serves me) says 'Is oral sex like kissing?' I think I'd have driven off the road.