Please tell me this didn't happen...

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at something and J. Peterman popped up. When I checked out the website, there was a Facebook link so of COURSE I signed up. Fun stuff.

Someone on my list saw it on the sidebar and added it to her page, with the comment that she didn't know the company was still in business and a reminescence about a factory store in Kentucky.

Someone ELSE commented, and I'm not making this up..."I still remember how surprised I was when I found out J. Peterman isn't a creation of 'Seinfeld'!"

For real. Said that.

I've been trying to decide if a certain degree of ignorance is acceptible if you didn't live through certain things. Ummm...NOT!


J. Peterman said…
Greetings Country Girl,

In my daily trolling around the internet I stumbled upon your post, "Please tell me this didn't happen"... I am the Peterman Gladiator, or officially, Director of Marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I love to hear how people find us and their reactions. We are indeed alive and doing well. They say ignorance is bliss... Not in our case. Again, thank you for the kind words. I hope my note finds you well.



Jonathan Sexton
Director of Marketing
The J. Peterman Company