The Untimely Demise of my Brain

Yesterday I had an excellent idea for a post - brilliant, even. Inspired by the environment here in wicked cool Silicon Valley.

I looo-ooove me some GeekTown, USA.

But in the middle of the night an alarm, accidentally set, went off on my iTouch.

I thought it was the fire alarm. I freaked out. It was two o'clock in the morning. I didn't recognize the sound...eventually realized it wasn't loud enough to be a warning of impending peril (and that it was coming from my otherwise harmless purse) and I never fell back to sleep.

So here I sit, completely sleep deprived, trying like HELL to be charming on cue (no small task under the best conditions) and I absolutely cannot remember the topic of the post.

I can't hold up my end of the CG/CG workload today. Sorry, CG1. Damn.

To make it up to you, Team Jacob fans, here is an amazing sight to behold courtesy of the LA Times.

Boys shouldn't be allowed to get that hot until they are of legal age.



Sunny said…
I loved your yarn and tea shop answer on TMA.
Have you ever read any of Maggie Sefton's knitting mysteries?
They are a pretty simple straightforward formula cozy series but you might enjoy the knitting aspect.
(Think the old TV show "Friends" in a knitting shop>>)

sunny from TMA
Alicia said…
hmmmmm....i'm trying to pay attention but something's in the way...why didn't boys look like that when i was in high school??
Nina said…
Boys didn't look like that when you were in high school. They weren't like that in my high school either. I could totally be his cougar, even though I'm a Team Edward member. They're both hot.
Country Girl said…
This is NOT your fault...lightening set off the alarm at a friend's house in T-Town. Her husband got up, cooked breakfast and got their daughter up for school. It was midnight. And the children's librarian here? Came to work in her pajamas today...ONE WEEK early for PJ Day. I think it's all this's messin' with our biorhythms.
The Peach Tart said…
I'm feeling like a perv for lusting after him.
Dory said…
*stares, wipes drool off chin*

Wait, what?