Cancel the APB

Okay, okay...I'm back.

Call off the dogs.

So, you're probably expecting me to post something profound after all this time away.

Well, in the immortal (HA! get it?) words of Edward Cullen:
I hope you like disappointment.

Edward Cullen. :: dreamy sigh::
Jacob Black ::moisture::

Only 30 days until New Moon opens! :: giggle::

I am officially several degrees past merely embracing my inner 14-year-old.
I'm now actually squeezing her and jumping up and down, while wearing bubble gum-pink lip gloss and skinny jeans and, like, totally listening to the Jonas Brothers.

:: squee!!!!::

C'mon. You missed my random adolescent outbursts. Admit it.

Insert smiley face emoticon here


Nina said…
He is sooooo totally hot. Edward is THE perfect man.
Melissa said…
Squee? You squeed? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Mejis said…
I'm excited about the movie too but um, not THAT excited. lol
Comet Girl said…
I am THAT excited. Can't wait for our little excursion to the theater. I'll even bring along a 14year old girl so no one will question why all us forty somethings are there. ::Sqee!!!!!::
Governor Jen said…

And by the way, glad you're back.
City Girl said…
Mel: Yes, I totally "squee'd" myself.


Jen: Aw. Thanks!
Indigo said…
Love Team Edward! And you? Adolescent outbursts? Never noticed.