Goodness, at a week

I missed Monday night's welding class. They probably moved from rod to mig welding and I wasn't there. I'll be the dumb kid. Me and the guy with Parkinson's.

I MISSED it because I have the evil crud from hell. Croupy kid-like stuff in my lungs and I know I wouldn't want to be hanging around with me, so I stayed home and took some extra goofy elixer and went to bed.

My fuse has been really short...I was bitching to my friend Mary the other day. About the other pseudo-adult who lives in The Institution. She asked if I needed an intervention and I explained that, no...I just need a gun and a pardon. That ought to cover it.

The Nice Kid left today for a three-day USTA tournament in Tuscaloosa. She had her old racquet restrung, a new racquet, a new racquet backpack and $50 worth of snacks from Dollar General. Plus my credit card and best I can figure, they hit the pro-shop before they hit the courts and now we have a polka-dotted tennis skirt. Go, you. I sat in the parking lot after they left and cried...she's 14 but THIS IS THE NICE KID and she's never just...gone off. She's gone with friends and family before but in this case? She's just off for three days of vicious competition. Without The Mama. (Truthfully? No one but The Mama is bothered by this. Which just goes to prove that The Mama has done her job. Well.)

THEN I spent $60 on fruit for The Not Nice Kid's double header soccer matches in Huntsville tomorrow. Only to realize as I started home that IT'S GOING TO RAIN. Like They said it would. And we're going to be SICK of apples, oranges, bananas and grapes because...SIXTY DOLLARS? You're gonna eat it and be happy.

In the midst of this, City Girl is headed for a well-deserved vacation, as her professional life gets turned topsy-turvy AGAIN. Every time I get ready to enter the real world? Something bizarre happens in hers and I crawl back under my rock. I know the voices here.

While you're perusing, go peruse this. Our artist buddy, Don, is at it again and your life will be more interesting for having known him. For that matter, your life will be more interesting for having known his wife, Sue Ellen. Check her out at her place.


Country Girl said…
Next month is November and we feel obligated to do the daily post thing because of our TOTAL fuck-up last year. Which consisted of only missing ONE day. The first one. So we're going to practice here for a week and see if we still have it in us...daily posting? Ustacud.