The mood? Is not good. I have literally reached the point of having so much to do that...I am doing nothing. Absolutely, nothing. I'm on my second glass of wine, that I started drinking in order to make the reuben I bought more palatable. Considering it came from Arby's, it's only half-bad. But they put some funky spicing on it...a little too heavy on the apple pie spice, I be thinking. So I came home and put more kraut on it because...kraut fixes a lot of things. Starting with reubens. But then the wine was sitting there happens.

The day started out okay...The Nice Kid gets her braces off Dec. 7. Great news!! Except that she will be gone to Disney World with the school chorus from Dec 1 until the 6th...and exams start the 7th. Cross your fingers...looks like Dec 7 exam is...CHORUS!!! We can do this. But I better write it down...right now.

TNK has basketball practice for two hours five days a week, and tennis for 2-1/2 two days a week. And since we're in soccer tournaments, The Not Nice Kid has team practice two days a week and one-on-one with coach two days a week...and her basketball practice started three weeks ago...ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAYS so we won't be seeing THOSE people for another two weeks.

One sport a semester...I swear. It's the overlapping that's killing us.

Shit. I bet they're supposed to be doing homework sometime in here, too.

And then yesterday was like...a Halloween preview. I got up, pissed off at The Big Boy, and was trying to get to a place to call my friend Mary and BITCH, because she'll listen and agree and then let it go. But then the phone rang and it was The Mary. We bitched a LONG time. And on the way to school pick-up I called friend Robin to see if she would be out of town with us, soccering, this weekend and turns out...she had posted that same question on Facebook about five minutes earlier.

Life is good when you and your friends are so well-trained. Except my friends are FUNCTIONAL and I'm just...inert.

Point being? I have nothing funny or interesting to tell. (I am hoping someone beats Balloon Boy's ass soon. And then fines the HELL out of his parents...along with some community service in a place to make them appreciate safety and security somewhere besides a stage. But that kid needs his smart mouth mashed.)

And then 22 down in yesterday's crossword puzzle had the clue "walk unevenly" for the word...lisp. No lie. Tom pointed out...maybe they meant TALK unevenly. Maybe.

MAYBE it's not just me!


City Girl said…
List. Lisp. Limp. Whatever.

When most local newspaper subscribers read at an 8th grade level, does it really matter?
Alicia said… you do have a lot going on!! but i'm with ya on balloon boy... nothing a swat on the butt and some manual labor can't cure!
Country Girl said…
As City Girl pointed out...they named that kid "Falcon." Never had a chance.
LisaLisa said… do have a lot going on but I truly feel you. Dropping by from SITS! Funny to see your post my post is about Ballon Boy as well....I'm just sicken by the whole thing!