Particularly irksome today...

...Josef Stalin's grandson. Suing for libel over his grandfather's "honor." Puh-leeze.
...The reunion email from The Big Boy's undergraduate school. With notices of several different functions including...Black Alumni. I'm sorry y'all but...TBB played college BASKETBALL, for pete's sake.
...Today was my get-something-done day. The housekeeper didn't show up so I automatically took that as a bye. My bad.
...It's October 14 and there are STILL no old scary movies on tv. AMC? TCM? WTF?
...Raffle tickets. Is this a fall thing? I either need some cash or a 35" television because I sure as hell have PAID for them.
...Obama and the peace prize. It was a tribute. Take it for the good intentions and LET IT GO. That horse is past dead.
...Me sitting here still playing online at eleven o'clock. Last SPRING I bought a sewing machine (another one) in order to embroider my kids' initials on their school uniforms.

I think I'll go take it out of the box. The packing box, that would be.


Donna in AL said…
I think I will sue Michael Jackson. Why not, everyone else is and I can come up with something. He was in Birmingham at some time over the last 40 years.
Country Girl said…
And he may have spilled hot coffee while you were there! ;)
jon said…
I don't seem to have WTF on my cable either. I am on the phone to Time-Warner right now.
I just said, "WTF, Where is it?" She hung up on me.