Another Tick in the Loss Column

Damn. We blew it again.

This year we fell down on the job 22 days in, rather than on the first day.

I'm not sure which is worse.

:: sigh :: Well, if it hadn't been a Sunday that'd kicked our NaBloPoMo asses, it would have been Thanksgiving later this week.

:: shaking fist::

"We'll get you next year! Damn you, NaBloPoMo!!!!"


alejna said…
That image is perfect.

Maybe next year you guys will find the ideal day to fall down on the job. I'm thinking it's somewhere between 1 and 22. (By 22, you've already invested a lot...)

I've managed to keep up so far this year, but some of my posts have been teh suck.
fatboyfat said…
Don't worry - at least from now on the pressure is off for you. I've still got to keep going for the rest of the month. I don't even have Thanksgiving to look forward to!