First Saturday of NaBloPoMo

This is one of those classically lame NaBloPoMo weekend posts: thrown together and essentially uninformative.

Why, I'd wager that no one will even read this post. I could say anything I like and nobody would call me on it.

"I can wear French ticklers if I want."

Let's test the theory, shall we?

Unicorns are real. I keep one as a pet. Her name is Petunia and she eats magically delicious Lucky Charms then poops rainbow piles of unicorn dung. I bury the piles, water them, and lovely candy-bearing trees spring up overnight. This is where Skittles come from.

Reaction, anyone? I thought not.


fatboyfat said…
Um. Surely you couldn't wear a french ticker unless, um, you had, um, well, you know.

Oh. Awfully sorry. Didn't realise I wasn't supposed to be reading that.

It's true about the unicorn, though.
I seriously thought I was the only one that thought unicorns pooped rainbow dookie! Nice to know I'm not alone! ;)
Mrs. Gamgee said…
this is officially a 'no comment' comment. :)
Mejis said…
I knew it! I knew Skittles were made from unicorn poop. How else could you taste the rainbow? ;)

Hhmmm my word verification is prolint. I'm actuall anti-lint myself.
Melissa said…
I had the same thought as fat boy. Anyway...

I think that this was a gratuitous ploy for comments. Well played sister.
Donna in AL said…
French tickler huh? Good thing it wasn't a dildo, those illegal in the state of Alabama!

I always clean up my unicorn's poop, now I am going to let him poop in the yard and leave it! I love Skittles!
Laurel said…
Do the Skittles ripen in time for Halloween? That would very convenient.