I think I'm missing the "functional" gene...

...because on days like today, I just sit down.

The Nice Kid leaves for Disney in Orlando with the school chorus tomorrow. The Big Boy leaves for Lousiana on business Wednesday.

The washing machine died yesterday and last week was vacation.

Today? Pick up Kid#3 at 3 o'clock. Pick up Kid#2 at 3 o'clock. Drop off Kid#3 20 miles away at 3 o'clock. Drop off Kid#2 at 4:30. Pick up Kid#3 20 miles away at 4:30. Basketball game for Kid#2 at 6. Basketball game for Kid#3 at 7:30.

Kid#1 turned 29 yesterday. She has finals through Wednesday so we didn't even TALK about a birthday celebration. That sucks.

In here somewhere? Food. Homework. Get enough clothes washed to make it through the next few days.

Y'all...this is NORMAL for people with kids. These kids play one sport a semester. Chorus is a class. Christmas programs are par for the course...there will be another one next year. I need to spend an entire DAY hauling stuff OUT of this house, so that I can bring more stuff IN.

I used to be competent. I used to be the organizational FOOL of the English department. Now? I'm just bumfuzzled.

I need a wife.


City Girl said…
It has been my contention for the last 10 year (since I started working 'big girl' jobs) that I need a wife. Honest to God. Men have it SO good.

Not that I'm bitter.
Donna in AL said…
It age woman! I used to be organized, work all day, come home, paint a room or work in the yard until dark. I would not sit down until time for bed. Now, I can't wait to get home, chnage into comfy clothes and collapse in the recliner, where my ass stays until bedtime! BTW, I have a wife, she is worst than me and younger than me! Actually, I guess I am the wife!! ha ha
Country Girl said…
In my next life...