I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

* Robert Pattinson and I did not sleep together in London. I know...I can see it in your eyes (web cam) you're as disappointed as I am.

* I am not, in fact, taking any photos on this trip. Sorry, CG1. It just isn't a tourist picture kind of trip. I'm just not feelin' it.

* I have never been as soaked-through wet - shoes, socks, pants, coat, sweater...all of it - as I was this afternoon. NOW I understand the power of a "cuppa tea."

* My inner punk has never forgiven my outer responsible adult for getting rid of my black Violent Femmes concert t-shirt. I remedied that today: Bought a really cool old-school Sex Pistols t-shirt. The punk, she is happy. (1)

* Came this [ ] close to buying the Doc Martens I've always wanted...and still might do it.

* Our cab driver tonight was - had to be - a direct descendant of Eliza Doolittle.
Before 'enry 'iggins ruined her.

* Said cab driver actually asked me, "Is everyone in Alabama like you?"
And then refused to take more than £10 on a £12 meter.

* Billy Elliot in four words: Coal Miners in Tutus. Good stuff.

* Met my long-time, online friend, Pauline, for the first time today and she is a HOOT. Also, she took good care of me. It's easy to be a stranger in a strange land when you have a guardian angel leading you around by the hand.

* I have been christened a West Ham supporter. Don't worry if you don't know what that means. It does not mean I prefer HoneyBaked to Heavenly. And if you do know what that means, no, the christening did not involve bubbles, blood, urine or Stella.

Jetlagger Out.

(1) PS - Pauline knows all the lyrics to Anarchy in the UK. How random is that and how perfectly suited are we?!


Le laquet said…
Why the Hammers specifically?
City Girl said…
a) the only two songs I know are West Ham and Liverpool
b) when put on the spot in frankfurt as to which football club i support, west ham was the only thing i could come up with off the top of my head (that wasn't manchester or chelsea)
c) when i looked into it, i liked their history (sans hooligans)
d) pauline nearly teared up when i told her i'd chosen west ham - apparently they are near and dear to her
d) that sweet taxi driver cheered when he overheard the west ham conversation and told i'd done a fine job of choosing a team. so, i sang him my cockney rejects version of 'bubbles' and he laughed his ass off.
e) with lovely cabbies and friend supporting them, i'm now pretty sure not ALL their supporters are murderous, so i'm feeling better about my choice
f) most importantly, i like the club colors. (jeezus, how can anyone bear to watch chelsea?)
Melissa said…
West Ham? Really? I suppose it could be worse, like Man Poo. You know they are going to be relegated this season, right?

Me? I'm Fulham and Everton. Have to support our US players over there. I also have a soft spot for Stoke since that owner also owns the Austin USL franchise.

Yes, I like me some soccer. Why do you ask? ;)
If I could I would go back and kick my own butt years ago when I tossed out some great concert shirts. I save ALL of them now, but I still miss my George Michael Faith TSHIRT... doubt it would fit but that's not the point! Let your inner punk fly! ox