Not to waste a perfectly good post during NaBloPoMo - because God knows we'll need it come Thanksgiving week - BUT....

Two separate McDonald's screwed up my order this morning. Granted, it was pretty complicated, but hey, they're Service Industry Professionals.

Medium Diet Coke. Light Ice.

Tough, right?

The first McDonald's gave me a medium Diet Coke. Heavy Ice. I mean the whole damn thing was a block of ice. The cup contained all of .003 ounces of The Magic Diet Elixir.

It was my fault for zoning out to "Tainted Love" on the ol' iPod and not paying attention to how heavy and not-liquidy the cup was when the girl handed it to me. Fine. My bad.

At McDonald's number two, I just pulled up to the window - forgoing the McSpeaker - and said, "Look, the McD's in Rogersville screwed up my Coke, do you think I could just give the cup-o-ice to you and pay for a refill?"

Uh, no. I had to pay for a new Diet Coke. Fine. Here's your $1.49.

Turned off the iPod, took the cup from The New Girl, jiggled it, and heard sloshing. Looked at New Girl and asked, "Light ice, right?" "Right," she assured me.

Got down the road, stopped at a light, took a sip.
Regular Coke.


I haven't graced a McDonald's drive-through in at least two months. I don't do fast food and I normally don't drink soda/pop/fizzydrinks/whatever. But this morning I was craving - CRAVING - a fountain Diet Coke.

Yeah, THANKS, McDonalds. Seven dollars later I had a Starbucks latte - which I should have purchased in the first damn place. As usual.

Getting sushi for lunch. Let's hope my luck changes. If not, I may end up with mercury poisoning from the Spicy Tuna Roll.



I'm convinced that a trained monkey could do a better job than most McD's employees!!! (Hell maybe even a non-trained monkey!!!). I'm almost always bitter and annoyed when I go there. (I wish that would stop me from eating that crap... but it hasn't, yet.)
Mrs. Gamgee said…
My personal favourite mcscrew-up is to give me my order but not give me a straw. So, now I always ask if there is a straw in the bag. The Mensa candidate at the window always rolls their eyes at me and gives me the "well, duh!" answer. The thing is, half the time there's still no frickin straw in the bag.

I'm not bitter...
Melissa said…
So, did you survive the sushi? Sure hope so. :)