Monday, City Girl and I wrote posts at approximately the same time. Posted hers, saved mine. When I went in yesterday and posted mine? IT USED THE DATE I WROTE IT. We DID post Monday and Tuesday...and I want a recount. Damn it.

I am bereft. sea. My pearls are missing. Not "missing" missing, but...somewhere IN this house. We are painting the downstairs, everything is in piles and hampers and boxes and...somewhere in here are my pearls. The loss of which is compounded by... camera lens is gone and it is NOT in this house. I am afraid to think this through too thoroughly (say THAT one fast five times) because I will absolutely, positively LOSE MY SHIT, but it's...gone. I know I had it Sunday afternoon at the soccer tournament, and I remember taking it off to switch lens and handing it to The Nice Kid at the Awards Ceremony.

And therein lies the problem.

Handing things to TNK is tantamount to...chunking them. She SAYS she remembers putting it back in the camera bag but...she ALSO says she remembers putting that load of clothes into the dryer and I just re-washed them for the third time because they were fast rooting through the little holes in the tub. It is ENTIRELY possible...but I will not believe that. Yes, it's a big bag and yes, it was open and yes, it was sitting out in a field with several hundred people milling about but...please tell me someone did not take my lens. Not my LENS.

I'm waiting on Parks and Recreation in the host city to call me, on the off-chance there's a lost-and-found with my lens in it. I foolishly go through my bag every 20 minutes. I COULD have overlooked it.


Tennis tournament this weekend. I could have a new one overnighted.

I could just sit here and FREAK.


hswilkinson said…
Ooooh, I would plotz if I lost a lens. Yikes.
City Girl said…
Hey, The NaBloPoMo banner says, "30 posts in 30 days" - not "A post a day for 30 days." I say we count it, wrong date and all.
Country Girl said…
P&R just called. No lens. I am explaining to Self why panicking won't help. Self is not listening. I have another one up on eBay. Just a click away. (And hell, yes, it counts. That "post when drafted" is for the birds.)
Alicia said…
oh suck!!!! i hate when that kind of stuff happens! i really hope you find it!
Country Girl said…
I'm standing in the kitchen trying to remember if I took my meds this morning when it occurred to me...the day I've had? Overdosing on hormones and Prozac is a GOOD thing.