I'm pretty sure I had things to do...

Stealing a trick from Badger. An organized way to gather these disorganized ramblings:

*Yes. We can do NaBloPoMo. Quantity over quality...what a concept!

*Apparently, referring to your husband as "the village idiot" at a family wedding does NOT get you written into the will. Especially since...it was his family. Damn.

*I broke down last week and bought the weather station of my dreams (obviously, I'm easily amused) and actually hung it on the wall. Got home this morning and...there lay the sensor. In the yard. Chewed up by the SAME dog who ate the remote to my car and my cell phone. Sucker ain't long for this world.

*These kids REALLY need to get out more. Walked into the wedding yesterday and The Not Nice Kid looked around and said, "You can get married in a BUILDING?" For real. Apparently, we've been overdoing it on the outdoor wedding theme.

*We had the greatest Halloween...neighborhood hayride/bonfire/food orgy. Old friends. Lots of happy kids. We ordered a port-a-potty and my sister STERILIZED it and we had pleasant potty experiences. Sometimes, everything comes together.

*At the same wedding, I realized why I do NOT spend time with these people. He's not the Village Idiot, it's a VILLAGE of idiots. Take your pick...there's a whole slew of them.

*I sat down this morning to work on pictures, and there was bowl of party mix sitting here. Stale, leftover from yesterday. So I ate it for breakfast and then got a beer to wash it down. This does NOT bode well for my new exercise routine. Not to be confused with my OLD exercise routine which...doesn't exist.

*Two more Mondays of welding class. I have to pick up one kid at 3, another at practice at 4:30, be at welding class from 5-9, have a kid at practice at 5:45 and picked up at 6:45. It's highly possible they expect to be FED at some time during this and I'm thinking..."Ain't gonna HAPPEN!"

*I don't carry a purse. I have an Amex and my driver's license in my pocket and I can't find them. Anywhere. This doesn't look good unless they're...

*IN THE WASH. Because I brought the chili pot home from the hayride, and it had been sitting on a fish cooker. So the entire bottom was smoked UP and I picked up the pot and carried it into the kitchen and then...took the clean clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer before I realized I had black soot all OVER my hands. And clothes. May set a record for how many times I can wash the same load.

It's a lovely day with sunshine and autumn leaves and I think I'll go do something that does not involved laundry or dirty kitchens or chores. I think I'll go find a friend and laugh a lot. I love it when that happens.


Nina said…
I feel the same way about my husband's family.