These never end well...

...the confrontations with the passive-aggressives.

We have, for all practical purposes, been out of milk for seven days. This family drinks a LOT of milk; and considering that the kids have been out of school since last Friday? That stuff is flowing.

Once a day, we get ready to eat and...there's no milk. The Big Boy volunteers, goes to the store and comes back gallon. One. Gallon. One gallon. Six hours later? We're out of milk. Again.

Had I not had a FEW other things going on this week, of course I'd have stopped and bought milk. I did buy two gallons on my last Thanksgiving run. Lasted a day. No biggie...go buy more. But he refuses to buy more than one gallon...even with The Not Nice Kid standing there SAYING..."Buy two! We always buy two!"

Nope. Won't do it.

So I'm about to go get into the shower and go to the grocery store. Where I'm going to buy four gallons of milk, then come home and throw half the stuff in the refrigerator away to make room for the milk.

No one will say a word. The milk will last until Monday morning. I'll have made my point, which was exactly what he intended from the beginning.

Jeez. We've been doing this for nearly 25 years. One of us must be crazy.


Nina said…
Why do men do this to us? We're going to die an early death from having to think for everyone else. You tell them what needs to be done, and they get angry because they already know, right? Fine. Then, inevitably, they do it wrong, and get mad again when you say "If you'd just listen to me...". I asked mine one day "Babe, seriously, do you want me to let you sink the ship and cheer you on while it's going down?" Boys are stupid.
City Girl said…
See, now, if you'd all just stop drinking the foul moo-juice, this wouldn't be a problem.

I'm just sayin'.
Country Girl said…
Inconceivable. ;)