A Very Pixie Christmas

Attention, Displaced Chicagoans!!

When was the last time you enjoyed a Fannie May Pixie? Or a Melt Away? OR - my personal fave -a Trinidad?

Probably the last time you were in ChiTown, right?

Well, tell your sweet tooth to take note: Walgreen's stores, nation-wide, are carrying Fannie May candy for Christmas!

I went into Walgreen's at lunch today to buy Benadryl for the dog who ran to the door this morning with a baboon-red hot spot on his ass, and as I waited at the checkout, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a box of individually wrapped Pixies.

I thought I was hallucinating. Worse, I thought Walgreen's had always carried Fannie May and I'd just never noticed.

Turns out it is a holidays-only kind of thing, but, hey, it's better than a poke in the eye.

Carpe Pixies!


Tendrils said…
No way! I'm heading there tonight!!!! There are so many things I miss from Chi-town!
Indigo said…
Oh my goodness how I love the Frango mints!