WHY do I have to repeat myself?

Every now and then I ask my kids, "Don't you get as tired of LISTENING to me yell, as I get of YELLING?" I'm beginning to think the same thing applies to the driving habits of the general population. Will you just do what I SAY?

Totally ignoring the left-lane drivers, and the 40-80 mph-in-one-mile drivers...WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE? By the time I get home every morning I am LIVID. This is a CO-OP people...you ain't the only belle at the ball.

Just this morning:
Four-way stops. A four-way stop means that four roads converge in one spot, and every car approaching that spot has to stop and give consideration to the other three cars. It does NOT mean that you proceed one at a time. I sit at the intersection of Sannoner/Tuscaloosa and Royal every morning and watch TWO cars, facing each other and each going straight ahead, GO AT DIFFERENT TIMES. No lie. WTF? It's all about COMMON SENSE, people...and getting the hell out of MY way. MOVE. I've still got one more school to get to.

That space ahead of you. Or behind you. If you are in a line of traffic and there is a significant distance between you and the car ahead of you? SPEED UP. You are impeding the flow of traffic. If there is a significant distance between you and the car BEHIND you? Slow your ass down before you run over one of my kids.

And then, keeping in mind I AM a woman and I DO have a cell phone...WOMEN ON CELL PHONES. Honey, it is a REFRAIN in our car...yesterday the car in front of us pulled into the right-hand turn lane, with no blinker, and then just as I started to pass her, WHIPPED OUT into the traffic lane again. Still no blinker. I hit my horn, she jerked back over, then pulled BACK into traffic. The Not Nice Kid was singing, "Woman on a cell phone, woman on a cell phone," and damn if it wasn't...a woman on a cell phone. Totally unapologetic. Dumbass.

I'm just sayin'. And I get SO tired of trying to explain the basics. It's really easy...to paraphrase Don? Just act like they told you in Sunday School.


Country Girl said…
Now see, I didn't need this. Send a post as an email? None of your spacing or sizing comes through. Oh, well. I ordered a new lens.
hswilkinson said…
Bad drivers are my #1 pet peeve. There are many times when I would rather deal with the DC drivers than deal with Colorado drivers.
City Girl said…
I fixed the font...sort of.
It's like you're writing my life... I thought moving to the South would help me with my road rage. And it did for a little while. After being used to the metropolitan grid lock that is areas outside Washington DC, and Virigina.. I was happy when traffic here meant 10 people on one road. That is until I started to realize how horrible the drivers were here... so much for my zen driving feelings here in Northern Alabama! I think my boyfriend has started to lose it more than me and he's lived here all his life.