Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year to all our eFriends!

Find new blogs, but bookmark the old.
For some are silver and the others are loudmouthed bitches.



Nina said…
We certainly are! I okay with it.
dawwww you quoted the girl scout song! Happy New Year! ox
Sunny said…
Yoo hooo.
Hey, just wanted to apologize for my comment on TMA "How many children" question this morning.
It was just one of those things that I blurted out, putting mouth in motion before mind was in gear.
I wish there was a way we could delete our answers when we realize we've put our foot in our mouth!
I really wasn't trying to be a smartass.
Sorry again.
Happy New Year to you.
Governor Jen said…
And a Happy New Year to you too! Here's to kicking 2010's ass.
Melissa said…
But I like the loudmouth bitches. :)