Go Suck Candy Canes

I don't care if it is Christmas.
Mint. Candy. Is. Disgusting.

All of it: Starlight Mints, Andes Candies... and candy canes.

Fresh mint is lovely, to be sure. Especially in a Mojito.

Artificial mint is the flavor of fresh breath: toothpaste and mouthwash...Orbit, Trident, etc.

Mint oil is soothing to the system which is why so many medicines are mint-flavored. Maalox is Mint. Imodium is Mint. Pepto Bismol is Mint.

Mint is NOT, in my mind, an appropriate flavor for a sweet treat. Even as a child I turned down candy if it was mint-flavored.

Apparently I'm not the only person who gags quietly every time someone offers me a candy cane. In a recent issue of Newsweek, the following appeared:

"They may be iconic, but I happen to hate candy canes. Dangerously hard, one--dimensional in flavor, and far too sweet, they may be most useful when shoved into a child's mouth to suck on in church." Read full text here.

And the choir sang, "A-men!"

Image credit: Dogster.com


Mejis said…
As a kid I loved them but now they make me want to puke.
hswilkinson said…
Only thing worse than mint candy is mint and chocolate. Blech.
Nina said…
I hate mint. Anything mint! Ugh. Hey, by the way, I've got a surprise for you over at my site. Come admire!
Donna in AL said…
Mint and chocolate is gross!