I know the wittiest people...

and they DO make my life so very much nicer...Now let's see if I can tell this and make it ONE-TENTH as funny as it happened...

Sitting at a Christmas party Friday night, at a doctor's house. Several of us had congregated in a small room downstairs, and one of the friends (a teacher and coach) started reading the spines on the books in the shelves.

"Infectious Diseases," he read. "I'm not opening that one...might recognize something I have."

"Book Two of Congenital Heart Defects...Disorders of the Blood."

Another parent stepped up and we all sat there and laughed while they read off titles...none of us thought we had any of those books scattered around at our houses. And then one of the men asked one of the women (not his wife), "I'm going upstairs, do you need a refill?"

"I had that Menage a Trois," she said.

"Yeah," he snickered, "I thoroughly enjoyed that."

"Best 30 seconds of MY life," she deadpanned, as her husband piped up and said, "Gee, Bob, you're getting better!"

At which point Bob clinched his fists in front of him, squinched up his face and proceded to air hump while chanting, "Dead dogs. Dead dogs. Dead dogs."

Maybe you DID have to be there. But at the time? I STILL fall over laughing everytime I remember it ;)