It looks like a REALLY long way down...

...From the precipice.

Every year, January 2, I stop drinking until the Super Bowl. Can't remember why. My extended family HATES this...there are two January birthdays at the Mexican place and you better BELIEVE all those screaming kids just get on MY last nerve.

But this year? I think I need an adjustment. And in my mind...just contemplating, mind you, but in my mind...

I am going to stop drinking until the Super Bowl. I am going to cut up my credit cards for 12 months. And I am going to start walking/exercising every time one of these urges hits me.

"They" tell you: don't take on more than one lifestyle adjustment at a time. But I know me...there's no point in changing ONE little thing when TEN little things stay the same. My major personality dilemma: All Or Nothing. Get it right or don't even try. And there's no way to be perfect all the time.

So I'm thinking...Major Overhaul here. Get more things right than you get wrong.

The jury's still out. Some days it's in and some days it's out. I have...17? days to make up my mind. But this feels right.

We'll see. And you don't get to hold me to it ;)


I love this idea... ok well not the whole not drinking until the Super Bowl thing but the walking when the urge to use your credit card hits... brilliant!!! I've planned on cutting up my cards for 2010 as well - it's seriously the ONLY way I won't use them anymore and get them paid off.

Good luck in your quest! :)
Country Girl said…
I figure? If there's an end in sight, I can stand anything ;)
Comet Girl said…
The bastards just raised my limit AGAIN. Seriously?!? The devil's minions must all work for Capital One.
Nancy said…
I think you know intuitively what you need to do. Listen to your little voice. If it says make big changes - go for it - you can always scale back.
Anonymous said…
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