Our Two Front Teeth

This holiday season you've probably experienced at least one of the following:

Spent a small fortune on gifts for relatives you don't really like.

Sustained paper cuts, bruises and other random abrasions while hunting down, standing in line for, fighting over and wrapping gifts.

Been forced to make eye contact with dozens of Salvation Army Santas, only to be made to feel like a lowly piece of crap when you didn't cough up change for the kettle. Outside Every. Damn. Store. In. Town.

So what are we, your Online Besties, doing to make things better for you this happy holiday season?

We're asking you to dig a little deeper.

Our Followers widget has been stuck at 49 Ardent Admirers for a few months now. If *only* Santa would bring us one more Follower for Christmas, we'd be two of the happiest blogging lushes in Dixie.

And I won't plant a Christmas carol ear worm that will drive you crazy for the rest of the day. Because I can do it, you know. I have one right here that's perfect....

Thanks, kids! Smooches!

Image Credit: Funtoosh.com


City Girl said…
YEAY! Thanks, Jen! Ardent Admirer Number Fifty! WOOT!

Now don't the rest of you be shy - if you haven't yet jumped on the wagon...or fallen off the wagon in our case...pile on!
Melissa said…
Well, just to be ornery, I'm going to wait until I can be #53. I want to be a prime number. :)

Glad to see you've recovered. Have a great Christmas!