This is just a B.S. post because I couldn't stand to see that image of Adam Lambert pop up every time I clicked over to the blog.

What was I THINKING posting that thing? It's enough to give you The Little Mermaid-Meets Gay Porn nightmares.

*laugh* I'll be interested to see how many Google hits we get from people searching The Little Mermaid and gay porn.


I enjoy the barfed up holly! (Much more than gaymermanlambert! ;)
Melissa said…
Oh, thank you for the chuckle. I'm not sure what was funnier, the pic or the Little Mermaid/Gay Porn.

And that is my niece's fave movie. I'll never be able to sit through it with her again...
Le laquet said…
Lol!! The Little Mermaid and gay porn ... poor Flounder!